23-28 May 2022
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Newtonian Noise in the Einstein Telescope

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GatherTown and ZOOM

GatherTown and ZOOM

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Francesca Badaracco (UCLouvain)


Newtonian noise (NN) was predicted to represent the very last sensitivity wall in Earth based gravitational wave detectors already by their first pioneers. Virgo will soon implement the first NN cancellation system ever and the knowledge we acquired during its development will be an asset in evaluating what we need to reduce as much as possible the NN in the Einstein Telescope.
The problem here will be different given that the Einstein Telescope will be located underground, this will imply new difficulties that will contribute to spoil the NN cancellation capabilities. In this talk we will review the key points we must keep in mind to develop the NN cancellation system for the Einstein Telescope.

Primary authors

Francesca Badaracco (UCLouvain) Luca Naticchioni (INFN Roma)

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