23-28 May 2022
GatherTown and ZOOM
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Workshop has started! The recorded video is available in the GatherTown.

Scientific Programme

  • Science case related to low frequency GWs
  • What we have learned and what we still need to learn to improve the LF sensitivity
  • What instrument can react quickly for early warning
  • Suspension thermal noise for LF
  • Scatter light for LF
  • Technical noise for LF
  • Cryogenics for LF
  • Missing issues for LF
  • Other topics (in poster sessions)
  • Introduction

  • Science cases related to GW at low frequencies

  • R&D for early warning

  • Instrument status: lessons and challenges for low frequencies

  • Suspensions for low frequencies

    Conveners: Lucia Trozzo and Joris van Heijningen

  • Scatter light for low frequencies

    Conveners: Alena Ananyeva and Siddharth Soni

  • Technical noises for low frequencies

    Conveners: Daniel Brown and Jenne Driggers

  • Cryogenics for low frequencies

    Conveners: Ettore Majorana and Takafumi Ushiba

  • Missing issues for low frequencies

    Conveners: Matt Evans and Gabriele Vajente

  • Topics not related to low frequencies

  • Summary session