23-28 May 2022
GatherTown and ZOOM
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Workshop has started! The recorded video is available in the GatherTown.

Poster instruction

We would like to ask everyone who gives a poster presentation to provide a single JPEG file for the poster (we do not accept slides this year). If you use PowerPoint to create a JPEG file, we recommend to customize the poster size to 594×841mm. If it is smaller, the resolution will not be good enough, and if it is larger, the file size may be too large. We appreciate that the file size do not exceed 3MB.


Please upload your poster file using the "Poster uploader" in this web page. You will need a password to upload the file and the password will be sent to the participants who completed the registration.


In the GatherTown venue, there are two poster rooms for the three poster sessions. In the poster session I, the room A will be used and the room B will be closed. In the poster session II, both the room A and room B will be open. In the poster session III, the room B will be used and the room A will be closed.


The subjects of the posters in the room A will be:

(i) science case, (ii) early warning, (iii) scatter light, (iv) suspension, and (v) others-1.

The subjects of the posters in the room B will be:

(i) technical noise, (ii) cryogenics, (iii) missing issues, and (iv) others-2.

The poster lists are available from the top page of this website.


The plan above is subject to change according to the actual number of posters.