11-16 May 2020
Hoshino Resorts Tomamu
Asia/Tokyo timezone
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Travel Information

The access information of "Hoshino Resort TOMMAU" is here.

The nearest JR station is "Tomamu".

The nearest international airport is "New-Chitose" airport in the Hokkaido island.

The nearest domestic airports are "New-Chitose," "TokachiObihiro," and "Asahikawa" airports, all in the Hokkaido Island.


About flights, we recommend overseas participants to take one of the following routes:

(1) Your airport ---> Transfer airport (Narita or non-Japanese international airports) ---> New-Chitose Airport.

Narita (NRT) in Japan is not always the best transferring airport.  The New-Chitose airport has several direct international connections with cities in Korea (Seoul, Busan, Daegu), China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong-Kong), Manila (Philippine), Thailand (Bangkok), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Taiwan (Taipei), Russia (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Vladivostok) and USA (Honolulu). Find your good solution. It is worth noting that NRT has many domestic Low Cost Carriers' (Jetstar, Vanilla, etc.) to New-Chitose. 

(2) Your airport ---> Haneda (or Kansai) airport in Japan ---> New-Chitose (or Obihiro or Asahikawa) airport.

In this case, you can find many connecting flights to the New-Chitose Airport although your flight cost sometimes tends to be higher than case (1).


You need to buy JR railroad tickets between the JR "New-Chitose Airport" station (directly connected to the airport) and the JR "Tomamu" station. Also you need to change your train at the JR "Minami-Chitose" station that is one stop next to the New-Chitose Airport station. From the Minami-Chitose station, take an express train ("Super-Oozora") to the Tomamu station. 

When you buy tickets, you will receive (i) a railway ticket btw New-Chitose Airport and Tomamu, and (ii) an express ticket btw Minami-Chitose and Tomamu, separately. A seat reservation costs extra 500 JPY per person. 

You can buy tickets at the ticket office of JR New-Chitose Airport station. The tickets office is next to the ticket gates. The symbol mark of the ticket office is this. We strongly recommend you to buy a round trip ticket btw New-Chitose Airport and Tomamu unless you plan to travel around after the conference because there is no ticket office at the Tomamu station! Please tell the date of return on the purchase. (You could buy a returning ticket from a conductor in the train, but the conductor may not be able to sell all the tickets in time if too many non-Japanese participants try to buy tickets at once.)

Please use this Japanese form with date information filled to ask for tickets if you are not confident enough to communicate.


Although the Hoshino Resort Tomamu hotel itself has a shuttle bus service from the New-Chitose airport to the hotel, it is so limited.


Of course, you can rent a car at each airport and drive to the hotel. It is a good way to enjoy the Hokkaido island.


For overseas travelers who plan to enjoy Japan with JR railroad for several days or a week, there are some special discount tickets, for example ,"Railway Pass". Please find it in internet for more details.


By the way, New-Chitose aiport has many domestic flights that includes a route from/to Toyama, which is the nearest airport to the KAGRA site. Please consider visiting Toyama before or after the conference if you are interested.