11-13 November 2019
The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Invited speaker List

- Dark matter theory

Shigeki Matsumoto (Kavli IPMU)

     Overview on thermal DM models with emphasis on Electroweak charges

Takeo Moroi (UTokyo)

     Higgsino Dark Matter

Satoshi Shirai (Kavli IPMU)

     Wino theory and future prospects


- Collider Dark Matter searches

Priscilla Pani (DESY)

     Current status of Dark matter searches at LHC     

Koji Terashi (UTokyo/CERN)

     SUSY Dark matter Search at LHC and future colliders

Ryu Sawada (UTokyo/CERN)

     Disappearing Track searches at LHC and future colliders


- Dark Matter Direct detection

Masaki Yamashita (ICRR)

     DM searches with LXe

Cristiano Galbiati (Princeton)

     DM searches with LAr

Graciela Gelmini (UCLA)

     Particle and halo model uncertainties in direct dark matter detection 


- Dark Matter Indirect detection

Masahiro Teshima (ICRR/MPP)

     (Overview of CTA project)

Gabrijel Zaharijas (Nova Gorica)

     TeV dark matter search at the Galactic center with the CTA

Moritz Hütten (MPP)

     CTA Dark Matter searches in dwarf galaxies, dark halos, and galaxy clusters

Andrea Albert (LANL)

     Current and Future WIMP Searches with Cosmic Gamma-ray Observatories


- Dark Matter distributions from Astrophysics 

Paolo Salucci (SISSA)

     Paradigms and Scenarios for the Dark Matter

Fabio Iocco (Imp. Coll. London/U. Napoli)

     The Dark Matter distribution of the Milky Way (its astrophysical uncertainties and effects on determination of physics beyond the standard model)

Nagisa Hiroshima (Riken)

     Varieties of DM density profile in Galactic dwarf spheroidal galaxies and the gamma-ray search of the annihilation signature


- Neutrino floor background

Tatsuhiro Naka (Toho)

  Discussion of experimental approach to go beyond the neutrino floor in the WIMP search

Ciaran O'Hare (University of Sydney)

       Breaking through the neutrino floor

Kate Scholberg (Duke)     

  The Neutrino Floor 


- Charged astroparticles

Yoichi Asaoka (Waseda)

     Recent Results and Dark Matter Search with CALET on the ISSThe Neutrino Floor

Yutaka Ohira (UTokyo)

     Propagation processes of cosmic rays

Rubén López-Coto (Padova)

     Constraints on cosmic ray propagation and magnetic fields using gamma-ray observations