11-13 November 2019
The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Poster presentations

List of poster presentations

No. Name Title
1 Takuya Wada The GAPS experiment: sensitive survey of cosmic-ray antinuclei to search dark matter
2 Osamu Seto Scalar dark matter interacting through an extra U (1) gauge interaction
3 Daiki Hashimoto Constraint on the nature of annihilating dark matter with Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
4 Rashidul Islam Collider signatures for scalar dark matter searches with Multi-lepton channels
5 Shunichi Horigome J-factor estimation of Draco, Sculptor and Ursa Minor dSphs with the member/foreground mixture model
6 Oscar Macias Probing heavy dark matter decays with multi-messenger astrophysical data
7 Masao Mori Galaxy collisions and the missing satellite problem in the cold dark matter model
8 Kazuki Kato Dynamics of the cusp-to-core transformation in the cold dark matter halos
9 Kosuke Ozaki Characterization of new photo-detectors for the future dark matter experiments with liquid xenon