FY2022 ICRR Master and Doctor Workshop

Friday, 17 February 2023 - 09:00
Kashiwa Research Complex 6F (Hybrid, main conference room)

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17 Feb 2023
Opening Remarks - 藤末 絋三 (FUJISUE Kozo) (until 09:01) (Hybrid, main conference room)
09:00 Greetings - 中畑 雅行 (NAKAHATA Masayuki)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
Japanese Oral Session 1 (Master) - 河内 弘輝 (KOCHI Hiroki) (until 10:13) (Hybrid, main conference room)
09:01 SK-Gdにおける超新星爆発モデルの区別と方向決定精度の評価(Evaluation of Supernova Model Discrimination and Pointing Accuracy withSK-Gd) - 柏木 ゆり (KASHIWAGI Yuri) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
09:13 GeV 領域のエネルギースケール不定性改善に向けたNi/Cf 線源によるスーパーカミオカンデ検出器応答の較正(Calibration of Super-Kamiokande detector response using Ni/Cf sources to reduce energy scale uncertainty in the GeV region) - 清水 光太郎 (SHIMIZU Kotaro) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
09:25 ハイパーカミオカンデのための遮光シートの光学的特性と評価(Optical properties of light shielding sheets for the Hyper-Kamiokandedetector) - 柴 勇斗 (SHIBA Hayato) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
09:37 ハイパーカミオカンデに用いる 50cm 口径光電子増倍管 初期量産品の性能評価(Performance evaluation of initial mass-produced 50cm diameter photomultiplier tubes for the Hyper-Kamiokande) - 吉田 隼輔 (YOSHIDA Shunsuke) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
09:49 ハイパーカミオカンデ用データ収集エレクトロニクス開発に向けた50cm光電子増倍管の性能評価(Evaluation of the 50cm PMT for the development of the Hyper-Kaiokandeelectronics system) - 金島 遼太 (KANESHIMA Ryota) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
10:01 ハイパーカミオカンデ用の 50 cm 口径光電子増倍管の 磁場による影響調査(Investigation of the Impact of Magnetic Field on 50 cm Diameter Photomultiplier Tubes for Hyper-Kamiokande) - 冨谷 卓矢(TOMIYA Takuya) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
10:13 --- Break ---
Japanese Oral Session 2 (Master) - 山村 隼聖 (YAMAMURA Shunsei) (until 11:23) (Hybrid, main conference room)
10:23 ALPACA実験用2 インチ径光電子増倍管のダイナミックレンジの拡張(Dynamic range extension of the 2-inch-diameter photomultiplier tube forthe ALPACA experiment) - 川島 輝能 (KAWASHIMA Teruyoshi) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
10:35 テレスコープアレイ実験地表検出器による大天頂角空気シャワー事象再構成手法の研究(A study of the reconstruction method for inclined air shower events observed by the Telescope Array Surface Detectors) - 髙橋 薫 (TAKAHASHI Kaoru) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
10:47 空気シャワー初期反応解析によるCTAモンテカルロシミュレーションの効率化(Development of an Efficient Method in CTA Monte Carlo Simulations by Analyzing Air Shower Initial Interactions) - 三輪 柾喬 (MIWA Masataka) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
10:59 KAGRA における低温懸架装置の特性評価と制御(Characterization and Control of Cryogenic Suspension in KAGRA) - 玉木 諒秀 (TAMAKI Masahide) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
11:11 大質量ブラックホール-円盤系からの重力波の検出可能性(Detectability of gravitational waves from high-mass black hole - disksystems) - 癸生川 博文 (KIBUKAWA Hirofumi) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
11:23 --- Break ---
Japanese Oral Session 3 (Master) - 渡邉 圭一 (WATANABE Keiichi) (until 12:30) (Hybrid, main conference room)
11:30 すばる望遠鏡の可視撮像分光で探る宇宙再電離史と電離源(Cosmic Reionization History and Sources Probed by Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy with the Subaru Telescope) - 梅田 滉也 (UMEDA Hiroya) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
11:42 すばる望遠鏡の分光観測で探る原始ヘリウム存在比と宇宙論の検証(Primordial Helium Abundance Probed by Subaru Spectroscopy: A Test of the Cosmological Model) - 松本 明訓 (MATSUMOTO Akinori) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
11:54 CTA大口径望遠鏡初号機を用いた原始ブラックホールの探索(Search for Primordial Black Holes with the First Large Size Telescope) - 金森 翔太郎 (KANAMORI Shotaro) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
12:06 Affleck-Dine機構による原始ブラックホール形成モデル(Primordial black holes from Affleck-Dine mechanism) - 笠井 健太郎 (KASAI Kentaro) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
12:18 荷電ウィーノ崩壊率の精密計算(Precise Estimate of Charged Wino Decay Rate) - 三島 大和 (MISHIMA Masataka) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
12:30 --- Lunch Break ---
Japanese and English Oral Session 1 (Master) - 後藤 瞭太 (GOTO Ryota) (until 14:18) (Hybrid, main conference room)
13:30 重力波望遠鏡KAGRAに現れる突発性雑音の探索と特徴評価(Search and Characterization of Transient Noises Appearing in Gravitational-wave Telescope KAGRA) - 千葉 廉一 (CHIBA Renichi) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
13:42 Deep Convolutional Neural Network for detecting GW signals from Compact Binaries - Garg Suyog (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
13:54 Shock-driven instabilities in the transrelativistic regime - Théo Abounnasr (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:06 Study of Radiative Efficiency in Magnetically-Dominated Relativistic Jets(相対論的磁場優勢ジェットにおける効率的な放射の探求) - 草深 陽 (KUSAFUKA Yo) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
Poster Session - 阿部 正太郎(ABE Shotaro) (until 15:18) (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 Constraint on the progenitor of Binary Black Hole merger using extremely metal-poor population - 岩谷 昌樹 (IWAYA Masaki) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 Cosmological-Scale HI Distribution Around Galaxies and AGN Probed with the HETDEX and SDSS Spectroscopic Data - Dongsheng Sun (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 Detectability of CBC GW events with KAGRA at O4 - 加藤 鷹志 (KATO Takashi) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 Electromagnetic wave spectrum from radiative cooling electrons in relativistic Alfvén wave - 後藤 瞭太 (GOTO Ryota) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 Galactic Center Studies with CTA-LST-1 - 阿部正太郎 (ABE Shotaro) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 Neural Networkを用いたSK-Gdにおける中性子捕獲効率の評価と改善 - 兼村 侑希 (KANEMURA Yuki) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 Redshift Evolution of the Electron Density in the ISM at z ~ 0-9 Uncovered with JWST/NIRSpec Spectra and Line-Spread Function Determinations - 磯部 優樹 (ISOBE Yuki) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 Search for Neutrino Events Coincident with GRB 221009A in Super-Kamiokande - Xubin Wang (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 SK-Gdでの中性子検出を用いたニュートリノ再構成と振動解析 - 三木 信太郎 (MIKI Shintaro) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 TAx4実験地表検出器による超高エネルギー宇宙線エネルギースペクトル解析 - 藤末 紘三 (FUJISUE Kozo) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 Turbulent Re-acceleration of Cosmic Rays as a Mechanism of Radio Mega Halo in Galaxy Clusters - 西脇 公祐 (NISHIWAKI Kosuke) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 XENONnT実験における85Krのバックグラウンド評価 - 神長 香乃 (KAMINAGA Yoshino) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 暗黒物質方向感度検出器の開発に向けたZnWO4シンチレータの評価の現状 - 河内 弘輝 (KOCHI Hiroki) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
14:18 重力波望遠鏡の観測データに対するガウス性評価 - 山村 隼聖 (YAMAMURA Shunsei) (Master)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
15:18 --- Voting ---
English Oral Session 1 (Doctor) - Shotaro Abe (ICRR, The University of Tokyo) (until 16:50) (Hybrid, main conference room)
15:30 Optimal Alignment Sensing and Control for Interferometric Gravitational Wave Telescope with Sapphaire Mirrors(サファイア鏡を用いたレーザー干渉計型重力波望遠鏡に対する角度制御の最適化) - 田中 健太 (TANAKA Kenta) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
15:50 The Measurement of the Energy Spectrum and Depth of Maximum Shower Development of Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays Collected by the Telescope Array with theHybrid Trigger Mode(テレスコープアレイ実験のハイブリッドトリガーモードを用いた超高エネルギー宇宙線のエネルギースペクトルとシャワー最大発達深さの測定) - 申 興秀 (SHIN Heungsu) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
16:10 Observation of Gamma Rays in the 100 TeV Region from Potential Galactic PeVatron Candidates with the Tibet Air Shower Array and the Muon Detector Array(チベット空気シャワーアレイとミューオン検出器を用いた銀河系内ペバトロン候補天体からの100TeV領域ガンマ線の観測) - 加藤 勢 (KATO Sei) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
16:30 First detection of the very-high-energy gamma rays from the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi with the Large Size Telescope prototype of the Cherenkov Telescope Array(CTA大口径望遠鏡初号機による回帰新星へびつかい座RS星からの超高エネルギーガンマ線放射の初検出) - 小林 志鳳 (KOBAYASHI Yukiho) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
16:50 --- Break ---
English Oral Session 2 (Doctor) - Dongsheng Sun (until 18:00) (Hybrid, main conference room)
17:00 Study of VHE gamma-ray emission from Active Galactic Nucleus 1ES 1959+690 with theMAGIC Telescopes(MAGIC望遠鏡による活動銀河核 1ES1958+690 からの超高エネルギーガンマ線放射の研究) - 櫻井 駿介 (SAKURAI Shunsuke) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
17:20 Galaxy Formation and Co-Evolution with Supermassive Black Holes Studied by Optical-NIR Imaging and Spectroscopy(可視・近赤外線の撮像と分光による銀河形成と超巨大ブラックホールの共進化 の研究) - 張 也弛 (YECHI Zhang) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
17:40 Dynamics of axion and gauge fields during inflation(インフレーション中におけるアクシオンとゲージ場のダイナミクス) - 村井 開 (MURAI Kai) (Doctor)   (Hybrid, main conference room)
18:00 --- Selection of Awards ---
18:30 --- Award Ceremony + Photo Session ---