26-30 October 2015
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Update on GAMBIT

29 Oct 2015, 17:05
Oral presentation Dark matter searches (direct and indirect) Dark Matter


Pat Scott, on behalf of the GAMBIT Collaboration (Imperial College London)


I will give an update on GAMBIT, the Global And Modular BSM Inference Tool. GAMBIT is a flexible, modular, massively parallel new framework for carrying out global fits to essentially any BSM theory. First results from GAMBIT will incorporate direct, indirect, solar and relic density searches for dark matter, limits on production of new particles from the LHC and LEP, complete flavour constraints from LHCb, LHC Higgs production and decay, and various electroweak precision observables. In many cases, the likelihoods in GAMBIT are new, updated or computed in significantly more detail than in previous scans. GAMBIT also features interfaces to a range of sampling algorithms, including differential evolution and nested sampling, and the ability to produce both Bayesian and profile likelihood results.

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