11-13 November 2019
The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Discussion of experimental approach to go beyond the neutrino floor in the WIMP search

11 Nov 2019, 17:30
The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa Campus

The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa Campus

Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, The University of Tokyo, 5-1-5 Kashiwa-no-ha, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan


Dr Tatsuhiro Naka (Toho University )


In the standard methodology for the WIMP search detect recoiled nuclei due to elastic scattering with that, the neutrino should become background to be not able to avoid. If not detect significant signals or just few events detected before neutrino floor, more reliable search to confirm those are the signals due to WIMP or new information to distinguish the WIMP signals from neutrino backgrounds will be required. For example, one of the promising information in current studies is to use “direction” or signals attributed to that. In this talk, I will report current experimental approach about direction sensitive search, and discuss about the issues to go beyond neutrino floor.


Toho University

Primary author

Dr Tatsuhiro Naka (Toho University )

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